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 2018-11-06 09:00:23

If you are interested in custom wholesale boxes, don’t hesitate to contact us. When you have an opportunity to do something get ready to do it before you lose your chance. As you know “Strike While The Iron is Hot”.

Our priority is first to come first serve, we are the PrintMyBoxes of custom wholesale boxes. Custom packaging solution for your products, customized your boxes according to your products sizes and shapes with your logo. We ship your order at your doorstep in the entire USA without any hidden charges it's totally free.

Our Custom Wholesale Boxes

Custom Business Card Boxes

Business cards are the most professional form of introduction known to the modern world, they are a statement, they are prestige and if done right they leave a lasting impression. This is where PrintMyBoxes Packaging’s Business Card Boxes come in handy. Our custom business card boxes can be used to store your personal cards or business cards you have received from others. They fit both the purposes.

Custom Candle Boxes

PrintMyBoxes manufactures Candle Boxes of multitude styles, shapes, size, and colors. These eye-catching custom candle boxes not only capture the imagination of potential customers but give your candles a royal enclosure. We design these boxes keeping in view of specific customer needs. Our design team will assist you FREE of cost finalizing your designs for candle packaging boxes.

Custom Cardboard Boxes

From lunch distributable to shoe boxes to mobile phone boxes, custom cardboard boxes are an amazing solution for most of the packaging. Their lightweight characteristics allow them to fit in diverse niches. PMB is capable of producing them simple and with custom designs as well. Compact Cardboard Boxes come in all the different shapes and sizes from PMB.

Custom Corrugated Boxes

Custom corrugated boxes have gained popular reputation due to their versatility of usage and their durability. For the import and export of merchandises, these boxes hold significant importance on a global scale. These custom corrugated boxes can be customized in numerous shapes, sizes, colors and designed according to your specific packaging requirements.

Custom Mailer Boxes

The internet has taken the world by storm resulting in a rise to online subscriptions and e-commerce. To provide these “budding” entrepreneurs and subscriptions “addicts” a way to safely dispatch and receive their orders, custom mailer boxes have become increasingly popular – and why not! These sturdy, high-quality boxes are just the perfect size for you to safely ship your products.

Custom Gable Boxes

From delicacies such as jewelry, candles or home decorations to edibles like cupcakes, macaroons etc. and custom gable boxes prove to be the most innovative way to go! With a nice clear window for a peek inside at the products, you can have the perfect gift, giveaways at weddings, birthday parties and other events, along with presents for special ones. If you’re a food takeaway business, a restaurant or a café, gable boxes are a great way of packing edibles inside.

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