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Successful Packaging For Food

 2019-01-18 01:50:39

With the existing diversity on the shelves of stores, animal feed manufacturers try as best they can to combine functional packaging with original branding, which is necessary as air to survive the competition and attract as many lovers of fauna as possible.

We will not tire of repeating that packaging plays a major role in the process of brand recognition, in its attractiveness to the buyer, in the desire to make a choice in favor of a particular product, and the pet food market is no exception! One of the best opportunities to make pet food attractive is not only to create a product with the best nutritional properties but also to stand out due to packaging: vary the shape and color, change and improve visual images to bring the necessary information to the buyer.

What manufacturers can catch your customer? What will outweigh the choice of a particular brand? In each niche, as they say, their priorities ... Let's analyze what will be the main thing for buyers of delicacies for animals ...

First, of course, the emotional component. Have you ever seen on the packaging an image of an evil growling dog or a disgruntled snorting cat? The rhetorical question ... Of course, all the animals on the packs are cheerful, cheerful, playful, are in excellent physical shape and good mood. It is these emotions that every pet owner would like to experience, isn't it? Thus, emotionally cheerful packaging unobtrusively implements the first item of your marketing strategy - a positive image when eating healthy food!

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The second aspect will be - functionality. In recent years, this term has acquired a wider meaning than just ease of use for the buyer. In the modern world, functionality is also an opportunity for a manufacturer to put as much information about a product on a package as possible, that is, to create such packaging so that manufacturers have a field for activity and can put in their pleasure all the necessary advertising information: logo, product information, photos of happy animals, information and sweepstakes and contests, etc .. Thus, the client, in turn, will be easier to make a decision about the purchase.

Convenience is also important. This is the main trump card in the packaging of feed. Our pets are part of the family and more and more often you can find pet food next to buckwheat packaging in the kitchen cupboard, so packaging with the best package closure system will be the most popular. For example, a zip-lock system will not let the smell spread inside the kitchen cabinet and at the same time keep the product fresh. Thus, just paper bags, which cannot be closed after opening, will go out of fashion, since the only thing you can do is to put the contents into plastic containers, and then hope that your customer will always have food packaging before their eyes and accordingly, all the advertising tricks applied to it, this hope will be gone forever ... So, gentlemen, we do not forget, that the packaging should be closed on a zip-lock. In general, the keyword should be the convenience! Convenience in an opening and closing packaging, as well as in carrying and handling.

Another very important element for the modern customer is the so-called “clear label”. Despite the fact that a regular customer already has all the necessary information, research has shown that a potential customer may refuse to purchase a particular brand if he feels overloaded with incomprehensible information regarding the origin or authenticity of the product, which is fundamental information when choosing a product. Research findings suggest that brand manufacturers must develop a new generation of “understandable labels” in order to create an atmosphere of maximum clarity, clarity and peace of mind for the customer. Information should be concise and accessible and contain all the same data as for human food. For example, a clear list of ingredients.

We talked a little about form, but you can't do without content ... What does the future hold for us? Here, without surprises - the trend of bio and environmental friendliness as for us, firmly standing on two legs. Organic foods reduce the risk of diseases in animals, such as allergies, diabetes and many others. However, some veterinarians warn that bio feeds always have basic and additional elements, and this information is not always clearly displayed on the label. Therefore, as we have said, it is necessary to carefully consider the creation of a “clear label” and which are the basic ingredients and which are additional. Sometimes, in bio food, there are not enough vital fats. For example, there is no universal food for dogs. It is always better to identify individual needs for a pet with a veterinarian and not to forget about 5 main ingredients: proteins (meat, fish), fiber (rice, corn, wheat, potatoes), vegetables (green vegetables, carrots, zucchini), vegetable oils and a complex of vitamins (phosphorus, calcium, etc.). Veterinarians confirm that there is a real difference the basic range of feeds and higher-grade feeds from production companies that invest in research, in improving the formula of their feeds and of course in new technologies, including Biotechnology.

Real animal lovers will always take care first of all about their pet rather than about themselves, therefore, gentlemen, manufacturers, do not spare your budget for new research and, especially, for new marketing moves to promote your product!

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