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Secrets of Creating Packaging of FMCG Products

 2019-01-17 06:33:45

Nowadays, FMCG (consumer goods) is a massive and profitable industry that packs billions and billions of rubles on packaging, because packaging affects our choices, our emotions and ultimately our choices. product.

Effective design is the only way to stand out on store shelves when we talk about FMCG products.

What are the key rules to follow in order to create the most efficient packaging for sales of FMCG products?

Modern Buyers

Experts highlight a few points. Most importantly, as the English say, Be Real! That is, be yourself, present, do not translate! Modern buyers are looking for authenticity. This has become more than a fashion trend. Authenticity has become the main part of a successful brand, including its custom packaging boxes! If the manufacturer uses the word "natural" for its product, then the packaging must correspond to the product! Take a trendy bar of natural grains, with which you will lose weight, and make up your strength, and get all the necessary vitamins and minerals! If you "dress" it in a screaming yellow-pink, for example, clothes, it will look like a package of gum, brought from America in the 80s and seemed to be a miracle, but the modern buyer will not lead to a screaming wrapper, since it is not " sells the idea of naturalness, freshness and utility. To preserve authenticity, in this case, is to be clear and clearly explain the mission to the buyer. A professional packaging designer will always be able to help a manufacturer create this invisible bridge between brand positioning by manufacturers and how the customer wants to see it.

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Since FMCG products are consumer goods, a short life cycle, the products we use every day, another important element is clarity and visibility when creating packaging. Agree, if you choose a single luxury product, you will spend a lot of time studying its quality and appearance. And of course, the packaging must match the product and emphasize its uniqueness. Often these packages are no less original and difficult to manufacture than the product itself.

In the case of FMCG products, the main quality of packaging will be clarity and clarity. We have to see, evaluate and understand the product at a glance, since, unlike luxury goods, we don’t have time to look at the packaging of milk or laundry detergent for 2 hours.

Ask yourself how many times you have opened the door “from yourself”, although it was clearly written, “on yourself” ...? So with FMCG products also ... Experienced marketers know that consumers do not like to read ... Thus, professional designers who specialize in FMCG products make packaging, taking this into account. The key word here is simplicity, and the main slogan is Less is more! The more information is on the package, the less information your customer receives. The faster your customer grabs the full information about the product in the shortest possible time, the greater the chance that your product will be in the cart of a customer already running to the cashier.

Do not be afraid!

If you look in the dictionary, the word "irresistible" is defined as something that makes a resistance or objection impossible. This is what conquers you and is extremely seductive. Is this the kind of packaging you want to create for your customers? Certainly yes! And it is precisely for FMCG products that one must be especially irresistible in order to defeat the competition. In this case, the packaging will affect the emotional mood of the client. The emotional aspect will unconsciously conquer the rational buy-not-buy grain. Here are two key points on which it depends whether the packaging of your goods will be “irresistible” on the shelves of other FMCG products or not. The first (and this is not news), you must clearly know and understand your target audience. Packaging as it adjusts to the audience, allowing this particular category of consumers to feel special. The product and the consumer are united in an elite interest group. Packaging should focus on certain features and their benefits, which will be important specifically for this target audience. Do not be afraid to comply, do not be afraid to create packaging specifically for your client. The more points of contact, the better!

And second, you need a very clear understanding, but what exactly do you want to differ from other manufacturers of FMCG products in your niche? This will help you to know what is really important for your target audience. And here, too, sometimes it is necessary to have the courage to abandon a certain number of consumers in favor of others, concentrating on their desires.

Major Factor!

Another major factor for the sale of FMCG products is the price-performance ratio. Experts rightly believe that the real price-performance ratio is based not only on the price at which the manufacturer sells its goods but also on the maximum efficiency of the product. That is, how much a given product at a given price can satisfy the needs of the buyer and give him the quality that is required.

What makes your offer, your product unique? How to do so, to show all the quality of your product and its effectiveness, without overloading the packaging information? The answer is simple: each product in the line must have its own unique selling proposition. Many studies show that customer loyalty to a particular product, especially in the field of food or beverages, is rather low. That is why many marketers advise not only to create, for example, a discount program in order to achieve customer loyalty but to have a clear strategy for creating a unique sales offer, including in terms of packaging. Your UTP or unique selling proposition should show a potential client that it is your product that will solve his problem, it is your product that will suit him! The buyer is looking for a solution to their problem


Why is the creation of USP so important? Because a properly created proposal for FMCG products, firstly, increases the likelihood that your product will be in the shopping cart, and secondly, that the buyer will no longer pay attention to the price.

Studies show that a very small number of FMCG goods producers have a clearly identified unique trade concept.

Does the buyer want to buy ... a hammer? No, he just wants to hang a picture

Does the buyer want to buy a computer? No, he just wants a way to get online or create documents.

Buyers are looking for solutions to their problems and your Unique Sales Offer - this is what makes the buyer want your product as a solution to their problems!

Some manufacturers of FMCG products make a mistake, not distinguishing between branding and a unique selling proposition. According to one of the UST specialists: “Branding is when you are trying to stand out among competitors while creating a USP is creating a solution for your customer.”

In order to determine whether you have a strong Unique Sales Offer, you need to ask yourself a few basic questions:

- What is the purpose of your product?

- The solution of what problem it carries to the buyer, and how is this solution better than that of competitors?

- What is unique in your product? What is there in it that others do not?

- What is the "offer" makes your product to the buyer? “Offer” = Promise to Buyer

- What is in the list of advantages of the first number? Why does the client choose you because of this advantage?

- What is the greatest emotional problem of the client that your product satisfies/solves?

- How will your UTP (unique selling proposition) be communicated to the client?

- Does your packaging well underline the uniqueness of the product?

If your unique offer clearly answers all questions, the client subconsciously without hesitation will say to himself: this is exactly what I need!

Successful Packaging for FMCG

Well, the last secret ingredient for creating successful packaging for FMCG products: Be visible! Have you ever had the feeling that you are not being noticed ...? So it is with the goods on the shelves of the stores, which simply remain "invisible", dissolved in the mass of other goods. By the words "be in sight" we do not mean shouting packaging. You just need your product to be loved, recognized, and it is for this that the appropriate packaging is needed. Thus, the creators of the goods and packaging must first of all know and love their product themselves. Only in this way can they convey the desire to buy it for their customers. Very often, manufacturers make the same mistake ... They concentrate all their strength on profitability, budget and completely forget about the emotional aspect, which is very important for the buyer.

In business, there are such concepts as “exchange value”, “common user value” and there is a very important concept “true, actual value” of a product. Seeing “genuine” value means looking right at the heart of a product. Manufacturers, marketers, and designers who emphasize “genuine” value always focus on quality and design. A prime example is Steve Jobs and his philosophy when creating and promoting Apple products. The philosophy is simple: your product is not just a mechanism for making money by your company, but a quality product that you yourself love and know, and which will bring positive and problem-solving to the lives of your customers. And in this case, high-quality and positive packaging is part of the “genuine” value of the product.

We hope that the article was productive and useful. Our design studio is always at your disposal to create positive and high-quality custom packaging boxes for your product. Our experience with FMCG products is multifaceted and lasts for many years. Our respect for the producers of FMCG products is unlimited! We are happy to help you stand out on the store shelves and create additional genuine value for your product - unique packaging. And this is our main task!

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