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Recipes for Creating Packaging Category

 2019-01-18 00:30:47

"It is generally accepted that luxury is the opposite of poverty. No, luxury is the opposite of vulgarity."

The concept of "luxury" is quite subjective and that is why it is quite difficult to clearly define the market for products of this class and its packaging. This concept depends on several factors: the product itself, the quality of the material, final processing or finishing, design, shape. The concept of "luxury" is constantly evolving around the world. The only constant is the fact that packaging for luxury goods is a convincing means of sale and serves to convey the exclusive image of a particular brand.

The global market for the packaging of luxury goods is estimated at more than $ 20 billion with an annual increase of more than 5%. Interestingly, it develops more intensively than the packaging market for consumer goods. The luxury packaging market is very dynamic and competitive, characterized by a constant search for the best impact on the potential buyer and the most profitable visual presence on the store shelves.

What means do modern manufacturers of luxury goods use to attract new adepts?

The first is that luxury brands are constantly looking for new packaging ideas. This applies to design, materials, and innovative technologies, which gives them the opportunity to go ahead of the competition. It is necessary to react very quickly and be aware of all current trends in order to anticipate and predict the evolution of taste and consumer needs.

The second important point is the increasing demands of manufacturers of luxury brands to the very concept of packaging and materials used in its production. The packaging, which is considered exquisite, increases the value of the product itself, creating the so-called effect of an “insightful seller,” who knows and understands the needs of his client and the value of his goods.

The next important point is that the packaging of the category "luxury" maximizes the advantages that are presented to the buyer: natural beauty, practical aspect, long-term use, elegance ...

The time passed when the suite was associated with pretentiousness, a large amount of gold and all sorts of additional unnecessary details. Nowadays, luxury is associated with the concept of good taste, grace and simplicity. When making a purchase decision, the same 4 main types of our feelings are in action, or rather: sight, hearing, smell and touch, but nowadays the electronic world is also an integral part, and the premium brands try to use innovations in this area to attract customers.

What are the reasons for the fact that luxury goods, and consequently, packaging for them, are so in demand? There are several key factors: population growth and increase in life expectancy, also the emergence of new demand markets, such as the Asian market, an increase in the number in the category of “very rich people” and the emergence of a strong middle class who can afford some “madness”, as well as that everything natural becomes a luxury product.

The premium class packaging market sets the tone for the entire industry and this is possible thanks to the large budgets allocated by manufacturers of goods of this class.

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What are the main requirements that manufacturers place on the packaging of their brands?

First of all - long-term and environmental friendliness. Due to the fact that the price of a luxury product is quite high, the consumer expects the manufacturer to use the highest quality product that respects the environment as well. Recently, packaging from recycled materials, in the aesthetics of minimalism, but at the same time, refined and elegant has become more and more popular. Manufacturers are trying to keep up with the times - to limit waste and improve environmental friendliness, but at the same time not saving on design, which is a difficult technological task. For example, it is not easy to print and keep for a long time the desired color needed for packaging on recycled cardboard.

The last few years, the brand "luxury" more and more take the direction of environmental friendliness. In 2010, for example, Gucci produced 100% recycled packaging and other luxury representatives, such as Valentino, Prada, Versace, and others, pulled after them. Even the rather conservative representatives of the famous Veuve Cliquot champagne are using recycled cardboard, using 25% of the waste from the processing of grapes.

Most famous brands from the world of luxury have long understood that the packaging of their goods only benefits when it is extremely simple, natural and contains only well-thought out basic information, for example, when using basic typography for a label or monogram, rather than a logo. Also, traditional materials such as wood, glass and metal are back in fashion.

Well, where are the new technologies that are an integral part of the luxury packaging industry? Some progress and changes in this area are already obvious, while others are expected in the near future. Here I would like to highlight 4 main directions of development.

Digital printing already has a huge impact on label quality: more simplicity, less waste and more opportunities for marketing decisions.

3D printing capabilities should on a long-term basis deeply change the packaging for premium products. For example, manufacturers of luxury dishes can now create original forms in just a few hours thanks to this technology.

Do not forget about the intelligent label. Holography is at the center of revolutionary 3D printing changes and offers effective methods to combat counterfeiting.

And lastly, of course - smart packaging, which allows you to keep in constant contact with your customers through a chip and a mobile phone since luxury products are not an exception and must keep up with the times and their customers.

In the end, it’s not necessary for everyone to know that your delightful new sweater is from Chanel ... The current trend of luxury brands is abstinence, natural elegance and knowledge of the origin of the product. The point is your personal pleasure to wear a quality item from a great designer, and not to show its label to everyone around. Make yourself enjoyable - this is a real suite! All manufacturers of this category of goods strive for it - to give us, present and future customers, this unique feeling of uniqueness and pleasure from the product itself, and, naturally, from its packaging ... As the saying goes, the theater begins at the hanger ...!

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